Here, speaks, to you, children, money, buy that

Here, speaks, to you, children, money, buy that There was time at parents Vasya and Nadia on a visit rich rodstven the nickname also presented to children on the gold.

Here, speaks, to you, children, money, buy that will be pleasant.


Children understood that on money it is possible to buy any thing, and how many it is necessary to pay that was not known.

Here Vasya also speaks I will buy a bay horse, such, as at our neighbor, I will saddle her and I will exploit.

And I, told Nadia, admiring the chervonets, I will buy gold watch, exactly such what the father presented to mother to To Christmas.

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Rules about

Rules about Then occur the pery thieves of players with zhmurka Where you stand?

At a column.

What you sell?


Look for years us!

After that players scatter in all directions, and zhmur has to catch theM. Rules about E in m Ur priblizh atsya by Slee to border ploshch an adka for which you it is impossible to go, and fates shout About go N!

E Slee e for a pra ly you any player runs, he is considered pogorevsh to them and you goes from game.

About The playing can turn aside from zhmur ki somehow to squat, creep on a chetva renka to lay down on the earth.

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With love

With love Pavlik reddened and nodded.

Unless it is possible to ask tactless questions?

strictly the grandfather told.

More carefully with a ship, the person not enclosed not enough work in this model.

With love did.

After these words the boy ceased to hesitate and noticed Yes, I did it all winter.

Mother at me very strict, learns that I in a stream fell down, and will punish.

Will lock a ship in a case will also not allow more it to start.

So far the girl chirped, examining a ship, the old man sat down on edge of a bench and began to discuss with Pavlik to fashion whether ships.

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For saving

For saving After a while the teacher will see for whom from them it is necessary support and what sort board, notebook, textbook, additional oral explanation, etc.

, what way of storing of information is preferred by different children and what way of training is suitable for each of theM. For saving of time drawing up algorithms can be included in homework.

However previously the teacher has to teach children to drawing up algorithms.

It is necessary to explain that it is individual work and the algorithm made by other person the schoolmate, parents, can not suit the specific pupil, as not considers features of processing of information.

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So, F. X. Castellanos

So, F. X. Castellanos Neuroanatomic changes at SDVG strike generally communications between frontal bark and bazalny gangliya with primary localization in the right hemisphere.

So, F.


Castellanos and soavt.

, note reduction of total amount of a brain approximately for % at children with SDVG in comparison with healthy children of the corresponding age and floor, and also smaller sizes of forward departments of the right frontal lobe.

It is necessary to note that if healthy children have the right kernel having a tail slightly more left D> S, children with SDVG in connection with reduction of the sizes of the right kernel having a tail have such asymmetry not it is marked out D = by S.

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When we emptied, we ask ourselves

When we emptied, we ask ourselves Your desire we today anti Pologne nature, which appears more and more every day as a single integer.

Our counternature is increasing.

Solution all crises is only in the achievement of a like nature.

In this case, we will reach fulfillment.

Otherwise empty up, until you perish.

When we emptied, we ask ourselves about the purpose of life.

If we are to being, this question does not arise.

The filling is required not material Noah and moral, spiritual.

Because depression and the question about the meaning of life occurs in the material arranged people.

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You offer

You offer No inner peace.

But still they must communicate drugom Let them talk, but without excessive pressure, not in the classroom and on judgments.

Let will be a meeting, Dating clubs but outside shkoly Human development from to So You suggest not to go against nature, because it is absolutely natural only that Teens want to meet and communicate.

You offer to share their only at school, to give the opportunity to learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

You said that when they are in the same class, study virtually no.

Stress associated with puberty, very strong.

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