Such factors

Such factors A.

Suslova allocates the following unpreparedness of parents to family life, intensity and the frequent conflicts in a family, bias and intolerance in the relation to to children.

Such factors are strengthening the adverse resulting effect, as low material level, the constrained accommodation conditions, abuse alkogo Lem family members, use of physical methods of punishment.

Adverse social and economic and psychological conditions can strengthen manifestations of the frustration which resulted from hereditary pathology or damages brain in the perinatal period.

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Therefore For the hyperactive child there can be excessive a performance even such elementary school requirements, as need to sit within minutes quietly and to perform educational tasks and at the hyperactive child in minutes comes the exhaustion also weakens the attention necessary for effective training, to answer on lesson only at the request of the teacher to wait for the turn in the dining room and many others.

Therefore also problems arise much earlier, than at arrival of the child in institute, as parents assume.

Moreover, on the statistics given by I. P.

Bryazgunov, only % of hyperactive children end school among ordinary children %.

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Acquaintance Acquaintance to the dwelling of the various animals, birds, people The Russian bear to a shn rovka Ability to collect clothes, to lace up and to tie bows Bring together the person Acquaintance to parts of a body of the person Continuation of the tab.

№ N p Subjects of occupations of the Purpose Fingers Insertion of fingers and palms in honeycombs vetstvuyushchy order A pink tower Formation of concepts the big ma lenkiya Pour in a jug Development of coordination of movements, an eye estimation.

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How to deal

How to deal To do this, we do such discussions to teach, how to properly and carefully to concern to human nature.

And in order not to harM. How to deal with the possible Pro phenomena of pride?

I often see her at the children active leaders in the group.

Sometimes the child after the game, where he was in the lead role, 't want to leave the it, and want the next game to be a major.

Plant it and organize near him little performance, in which he see yourself from the outside.

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Fashion For what

Fashion For what In this case it is necessary to parents sroch but to look for ways and opportunities to make the teenager's life more comprehended to help it to find interesting occupation.

Then to a uvlecha the scientific research institute this or that teenage style will pass with age and not will render any bad influence on further life of the child.

Fashion For what the fashion is given us?

That pleasure and freedom, To bring pleasure, Fashionable it is healthy to go!

Fashionable notice everywhere And with a smile meet.

Will listen to them always, It to you not nonsense.

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Came it is time

Came it is time You did not watch Volodya, Here the result was also received.

Grandfather He got out of hand long ago, Friends, parties yes wine, And you will tell that, so he shouts Ungrateful obormot!

Grandmother It is impossible to call so the grandson, Mistakes we have to forgive.

Came it is time to undertake Vovka, All need to try together.

Grandfather Yes, together, it sooner The family has to rescue children, When there is a trouble, We have to be near always.

Questions and tasks As you think who is guilty that happened to the son trouble?

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It becomes

It becomes Instruction I want to offer you very fascinating game.

Break, please, on couples also choose who from you will be the First and who the Second.

At first the First will be robots.

The robot does absolutely motionless and passionless look.

It becomes near the Second number, faces it, mechanical motions approaches it, and then comes back.

And so several times it that approaches, comes back to a place.

When the Robot approaches, by the metal voice sets the question consisting only of two words Who are you?

Having heard the answer, the Robot is deployed and comes back to a place, and then it is again developed and approaches the partner, setting it again same question Who are you?

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