It is only

It is only And until at you in hands still remains thread, you can force without words the others something to tell.

You can do everything, anything.

It is only impossible to touch another and to speak.

The one who already lost the thread, can continue game and try to razgovorit the silent owners of woolen threads already words.

Analysis of exercise How long you managed to keep the thread?

That it was pleasant to you more strenuously to be silent or force to tell others?

I will give, to you that I have GAME since years Purposes By means of this small ritual children can create in a friendliness class.

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Instead generation

Instead generation We will see happy generation that understands its intended the rising, know that it expects to see why the desire awakens in such the form of why the meaning of life is so important for them, despite the fact that they do not want to admit.

Instead generation of disabled we will get a generation that will develop properly, will open for yourself the perfect world and felt no, that is to live in harmony with the perfect and eternal nature.

Indeed, the likeness of nature leads us to the feeling of eternity and sovershenstva Part two That is, they can turn despair into prosperity?

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As a result

As a result R at to and at players are crossed before themselves such an obra zy that the right hand touches the left hand of the neighbor at the left, and the left hand the right hand of the neighbor on the right.

As a result wattle fence turns out.

At l and h and l and and M about r about і and r y On a signal vedushch his players r I azbegat highway tsya on a platforM. After the second at a team signal About have to utsyanutsya beliefs of N on initial positions Shch joint venture of flattery p leten.

That team which will quicker return in pervonachal Nov situation, wins.

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In this shop

In this shop Why magic tools did not submit to hairdressers?

How you think why envy and rage disturb people?

Draw people with the hairstyles made magic in strument.

Whether often you happen in a hairdressing salon?

Tell about what or the familiar hairdresser.

What qualities the hairdresser, that him has to possess hairstyles brought to people happiness?

WILL TO LIVE Nichole Vernkhout In one flower shop was on sale lu tulip kovichka.

In this shop was very much it is a lot of buyers.

They wanted to decorate the gardens in the beautiful flowers, but did not notice a lukovichka.

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Warn children

Warn children What does the person when he wants to sing feel?

Whether you sing behind work?

Drawing We Build a Lodge Distribute to children of a card with drawings of different animals and on ask them to draw lodges for these animals.

Warn children that they did not show each other the cards.

Then on drawings children guess, for whom this or that lodge is constructed.

Game We Learn to Respect Ask children to think and tell that in people it seems them worthy respect.

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Number of players

Number of players That participant of game which bigger prick will win the chestvo of times will bring down counters.




Stock ball.

Number of players .

Rules By means of draw choose from all players in dyashchy, it becomes a back to other participants.

Players throw a ball each other, and then one of participants throws it in driving and says I!


Driving after that turns to the rest to players, and those chorus quickly repeat I!




===== t and The player who throws a ball in driving, MO \ zht to change a voice that driving was about more difficult to learn who made it.

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