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When we emptied, we ask ourselves

When we emptied, we ask ourselves Your desire we today anti Pologne nature, which appears more and more every day as a single integer.

Our counternature is increasing.

Solution all crises is only in the achievement of a like nature.

In this case, we will reach fulfillment.

Otherwise empty up, until you perish.

When we emptied, we ask ourselves about the purpose of life.

If we are to being, this question does not arise.

The filling is required not material Noah and moral, spiritual.

Because depression and the question about the meaning of life occurs in the material arranged people.

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You offer

You offer No inner peace.

But still they must communicate drugom Let them talk, but without excessive pressure, not in the classroom and on judgments.

Let will be a meeting, Dating clubs but outside shkoly Human development from to So You suggest not to go against nature, because it is absolutely natural only that Teens want to meet and communicate.

You offer to share their only at school, to give the opportunity to learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

You said that when they are in the same class, study virtually no.

Stress associated with puberty, very strong.

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And I see very

And I see very Prevention stimo to the house he watched television programs which are in formation deviating from our choice.

And I see very disturbing picture violence, prostitution, drugs, terrible samples of conduct.

All this has already lost the severity we do not pay attention to it.

However, it continues to broadcast, and, naturally, people education entangled in accordance with what they see.

You said coincides with psychological approaches, claiming, the more violence in movies, so much the worse for us.

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A woman

A woman This is very important.

A woman can not answer all the questions, concerning sensations men or men's understanding of relations.

I can only imagine, but it's not the same.

The atmosphere during these conversations was very good, and the kids liked it.

But teachers are not ready for such a demon ladies, they take it as a kind of intrusion into the personal sphere.

And parents also find it difficult to talk with children on these topics, they're in doubt, how much to say and how.

Not surprising, because they have not received such education.

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Listen, Gorikhvostka, he addressed

Listen, Gorikhvostka, he addressed At last, and the last did not sustain.

Listen, Gorikhvostka, he addressed to a bird.

Here already the whole hour I run for you.

Isn't it time to give fire?

I never did anything bad.

I appeared the most hardy.

All this is right, Gorikhvostka responded.

But fire you not you will receive.

Because you care only of yourself.

Gorikhvostka returned to the left settlement, flew up to a wigwam in which there was a young woman, not prini mavshy participations in competition, also asked Why you did not follow the tribespeople?

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Drawing Brave

Drawing Brave Tell about any brave act.

Ask the father how to learn bravery.

Drawing Brave Travellers Read to children a proverb Brave the long is not necessary sword.

Divide children into groups.

Children draw on sheets of a Whatman paper, as they make a trip by a balloon; on a sail nickname across the ocean; rise by mountain top or a feather go through the hot desert.

Then children tell, how bravery helped them difficult minutes.

Creative task Sensitive Heart Read to children a proverb At a sensitive heart of Lascaux you are words.

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