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The adult

The adult Occupation Purpose formation of skill fonetikophonemic perceptions on the basis of distinction exercises and an uznav scientific research institute of sounds , [d], [to], [], [x].

Equipment tape recorder.

Operations procedure.

Exercise on development of acoustical memory and attention.

The adult speaks to the child listen to the sounds which are written down on the tape recorder and repeat them in the same sequence [x], , [].

Development exercise visual kinesteticheskikh feelings.

The adult suggests the child to remember the movements to porridges to the house to a sound Nominative hands are bent in elbows, elbows look in the different parties, brushes are squeezed in fists.

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Formation at the child

Formation at the child Formation at the child with SDVG of own position was the main objective of training and responsible relation to own activity, search of a way of identification by it own ways of action.

It also became one of the most important conditions of an individualization pedagogical process; Experimental work was carried out by us in several directions, each of which had except the general the most significant purpose for this direction, provided with creation by the psychologist of conditions for formations at pupils of motivational conditionality by inclusion each pupil in process of understanding of the position as person, it is conscious and independently planning the activity relying on understanding of a situation success; developments of the informative sphere of the child, directly significant for development language volume of perception, characteristic of attention, memory, thinking; gradual transitions of pupils to selfcontrol of the activity and to selfchecking, independent analysis of activity; decrease in level of negative emotional manifestations of pupils, decrease level of school uneasiness as the factor influencing the general success.

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I see it even

I see it even It calms them and fills.

Nothing hearth bark.

I see it even to myself when I call my mother, who lives in Ka Nadya, I rather short conversation.

No one thrust, which was before, to be around.

Today we, apparently, go for another kind of intimacy electronic communication reduces, and cancels the distance.

It is the breath of life.


Although I can't look at Facebook eyes of youth, but Dol wives to agree with this fact.

So we need to think about how together with this new network to move towards the goal of nature.

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Ask children

Ask children Why the forester put a board if he already knew before the wood, what will the bear offend nobody?

As it is necessary to bring up animals that they grew Wad Dra zhelyubny?

Creative task Good feelings Read to children a proverb Good feelings neighbors love.

Ask children to think and tell, what kind chuv stvo teach the person of love.

For example generosity, ability about to shchat, attention to people etc.

Distribute to children of a card with names or drawings of the different forest inhabitants.

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The Siamese

The Siamese If one of leaders will touch a ball, it leaves a circle and becomes to the place of that player, from whose hands the ball took off.

Games with m yachomo Participants of game can throw, a feather About to katyvat or hand over a ball, The player who dropped a ball, becomes into place leaders.

The Siamese Stock ball.

Number of players .

Rules All players share on groups.

Participants of everyone teams rise in couples.

On the earth draw lines starting and finishing at distance m from each other.

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I heard that

I heard that One means exists, rescue a grass is called.

Only she can rescue it.

This grass grows on the mountain vyso which.

I heard that the giant terrible, but where that protects it the mountain is, I do not know.

Naidoo I this grass that it costed me!

vos Ivan clicked.

The grandmother the healer promised it for patients parents to look after until it on the way is.

Ivan kissed the mother, said goodbye to the father, took the staff yes bread also went to a way.

Soon brought Ivan the road to dark was also gone.

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