Main, that

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Main, that And mom can make mistakes, and the teacher can to make a mistake this is normal.

Main, that it was all aimed at development kajdogo Part two Fantasy and magic the beginning With today we will talk about children's fantasies about their place in our life nor, how to work with them, where they can be hidden Pro problems and how to avoid theM. And on the other hand, how to develop the fan Tazio in children.

In all our conversations You talk about what the child needs to tell the truth about the reality in which it exists.

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They were

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They were You perfectly thought up, the sister praised.

Let's run sko to yard home, it becomes fresh far we came into the wood today.

Children bound for backs of a basket and went home.

They were not afraid to get lost the road on which they went, spus it katsya directly to the valley, where, shrouded in the whitish evening fog, among vast fields and meadows was seen their sort Nye small village.

Petya carefully bore a branch with berry, and Tanya cuobira la the flowers occurring in the path she wanted to bring to mother small bouquet.

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On sand

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On sand Rules All players share on teams.

On sand a cher tit the line on both sides of which stand koman dy.

Players have to jump on one foot to this line and to try to push off the player Wad Dra gy team that he got on both feet.

Of Team meet for minutes, then About disperse and have a rest minute.

= J?

The player who will get on both feet, leaves from ig ry.

That team in which remains more wins onelegged participants.

Smenka of N and smenka Stock a ball.

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Suggest The big snow too it is good to consider pools from a window.

Suggest to be going to the street and to find this pool to launch in it the boat.

I like to play a sand A manipulation, and then and experimenting with subjects the nature is followed by various emotional manifestations child external revival, fun, laughter.


Baby program emphasizes that cheerful children's interest conducts from acquaintance to the nature to to its understanding.

So, the sand not only shows to the kid the various properties, it gives the chance to solve formation problems humane relation of children to the nature.

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But do not break! The Baby

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But do not break! The Baby As it is good to smell them on the inclined branch.

But do not break!

The Baby program recommends to observe process also maturing of fruits.

Fascinatingly it is also useful to observe with the child, as firm pale green beads of the zavyazy turn into dark glossy cherries; as smallsmall apples surprisingly increase.

All this is live, all grows and already therefore is precious here one of the main conclusions, to to which we have to bring the child.

Comment on appearance of a plant as beings live, equivalent to us.

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Drawing Draw

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Drawing Draw V Written work Write how life of people if animals rasskawould change to hall to the hunter recipe of wonderful medicine.

Drawing Draw the favourite animal and tell, as if he to you helped.

THE STORY ABOUT THE PIGEON AND THE FOWLER Indian fairy tale One fowler, having taken a cage, a dragnet and a bludgeon, went in the wood.

But hunting was unsuccessful, only by the end of day he managed to catch forest to a pigeon.

Release me, begged a pigeon, I absolutely small, what sense in me!

Release, I am waited by my husband pigeon and hunger ny baby birds.

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